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    Here, in the main menu, we have a panel with user data.
    Here you will find all your basic data, as well as the e-mail person who invited you to the system and the promotional code that you used to log in.
    With these codes, the prices of packages are much more attractive. If you want your structure to grow as quickly as possible and have a lot of customers, you can give partners your link, which you have in the Partner tab. In the partner tab, you can also set your own promotional code, whatever you want.
    A link will be displayed below that will be used to register your partners with JamesBot.
    You simply send such a link to interested people, and they first register for the demo via this link. Okay. Next we have a Facebook tab and a button in the upper left corner 'load Facebook groups'.
    Of course you have to click on it. And now the bot downloads all the Facebook groups you belong to. This is a very important stage, because your Facebook groups are the basis of any activity with the bot and its functions are based on them.
    All these groups will appear below after completing the task. You will later download contacts from these groups, write messages to these contacts, create sales campaigns and send posts and comments to these groups.
    The campaign is ready, so let's move on to the 'posts and comments' tab. Here, at the top, you choose a group or campaign to which you will add your created post or comments. Here (shows) you can write a post that the bot will send to the group or groups in the campaign.
    And here you can write comments that will be recommended to a designated group or groups in the campaign. And now an example of how to do it. I made a post beforehand, so I'm going to paste it. You can also attach a picture to the post, yeah. You obviously add a post related to your business here.
    When such a post is ready, we click the 'put the post on groups' button. Hi. If you work on the Internet and earn money online, it probably takes a lot of time and energy. What would you say about a tool that will automate your work by writing messages, comments, posts and downloading contacts to potential customers?
    Sounds interesting, doesn't it? If you would like to know more, contact me in a private message or leave a comment. Now we come to comments. You also write yourself comments at your own discretion. And then we click 'write comments'.
    Both comments and posts are placed in all groups in the campaign, in each group as many comments as indicated. For example, I will only send myself one comment. Can I write it on priv?
    And it's ready.
    The next stage is the 'news and contacts' tab. And now we come to the very important function of the bot, which is to retrieve contacts from groups and write messages to those contacts. Here we have the contacts download pane.
    We enter how many contacts we want to download from each group. We click 'start downloading'. And in the progress bar we can see what is happening. And here in the job queue, getting contacts from each of the groups we have in the campaign has appeared. If we had only one group, this task would also be one.
    Next to it, we have two windows with the first and second messages. In the first message, we can indicate whether the message is to be sent to new contacts, or only to those with whom you have already established a conversation on Facebook. You can also select both options.
    Then you choose how many messages you want to send. And you type your message. Hi firstname, the system will automatically paste here the name of the person to whom it will write. Have you been working online for a long time? Or you can save a message without sending, and here you can send a message.
    The same is true for the second message. The only difference is that you can send it to people who replied or not. After completing the task and refreshing the page, at the very bottom we have information about when the message was sent. We can see what is the status of the relationship with the passed contact. We can also remove the contact or add it to the blacklist. I will add this contact to the blacklist.

Frequently asked questions about JamesBOT

  • 1. Czym jest JamesBot?
    What is JamesBot?
  • 2. Czego mam robić i nie robić, wykorzystując James Bot?
    Don't link the first message
    You can use JamesBot to alternate posts and comments at the same time.
  • 3. What social networks does James Bot work in?
    At the moment it is: Facebook and Telegram.